Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Social Media Solutions! #Tips for the want to be #SEO; EmpireAvenue.com #EA

Want the Best Free Social platform for your Business?  #EmpireAvenue
I'm a professional that does not have time for online social marketing and also I don't want an impersonal representation of my company out there.  It would be worse to not know what content is being sent out and how it was done.

The solution I found was a website that combines all your social media platforms into one dashboard.  The amazing thing is, there is an intelligent and SEO wise community of people attached to it.   Surprisingly, my social network took off and with some simple hints, it became easy.  There is a lot of power in this community once you have some presence.

Empire Avenue is the company and it is FREE!  Though you can accelerate your presence with cash.  There is a great leadership deal that gives a boost for 100 bucks - one time fee.

So hit this link, as it helps me on the site and say hi to a community of professionals that want to help your business or interest!

See you there:

~Erick Strobel